Scars of the Heart. Kathy Roberts

Title: Scars of the Heart.

Author: Kathy Roberts.

24619386Synopis: Scars of the Heart is set in Medieval times. It’s about Katrina, who is cast, through tragedy, into an unheard of relationship. She blossoms into a beautiful and exotic young lady and is about to be presented to society. To be so young, she is extremely adept at handling whatever comes her way and has the self-control and street smarts to do what’s needed, even if it means losing her life.

Markus, prince and heir to the throne, who’s chivalry nearly costs him his life; falls for the beautiful Katrina. While struggling against the physical demands of his body to keep her moral demands of virginity intact, he devises an elaborate plan to make her fall in love with him. One fatal moment in time intertwines the two of them together, in spite of all the adversity to come their way and the deceitfulness required to bring it all about to Markus’ satisfaction.

Alexander is our villain in this story and he uses all his wiles to charm Katrina into falling in love with him while secretly trying to destroy Markus and his family.

They’re all in danger. While trying to save one another in a cat and mouse game of deceit and lies, intrigue and murder, they each may end up losing what matters the most. It’s a dangerous game and not everyone can be the winner.

Review: I never read the preface/awknowledgments before I started blogging. It was just part of the book that I skipped. Since starting blogging, I have realised how much you can miss by skipping these parts. I promise, I have a point. When I read the preface to Roberts ‘Scars of the heart’, I couldn’t wait to get to the book itself. It spoke to me. I love sweet romances without all the smut. (Not meaning that I don’t love the smut to!) But the sweet, clean romances draw me back to my innocence I guess. So I fell in love with this book as I read the preface.

It was, unfortunetly a short lived love. Now don’t get me wrong, the bones of the story are good, great even, just everything feels a litte rushed.

For me it jumps from character to character without warning. I found myself frowning and flipping back the pages quite a lot. I kept waiting for something in the book to pull me in and make me stay up half the night to finish the book, and it never came.

In the preface, Roberts says her 12 year old daughter could read this book. And yes, this is very suitable for young adults, 100%, but I also think it would suit the more young, in young adult.

Star Rating: 3 Stars.

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