Chances Are. Opposites Attract Book 1. Erica Spindler

Chances Are cover

Title: Chances Are
Series: Opposites Attract 1
Author: Erica Spindler

Synopsis: Free spirit Veronique Delacroix has a reputation for being reckless and for thumbing her nose at society’s rules. But her wild ways mask the vulnerability she keeps hidden. After all, with an impenetrable wall around her heart, how could it be broken?
Brandon Rhodes is New Orleans’ version of royalty, his life steeped in the traditions of high society, Mardi Gras and privilege. His father’s sudden death leaves him in control of his family’s retail empire, but also with a vague restlessness. A sense that something is missing in his life.
Veronique and Brandon’s chance meeting leads to a seductive game of one-upmanship. Their flirtatious sparring seems harmless enough until it becomes a passionate winner-takes-all game in which their hearts are the ultimate prize.


Review: If you pick this book up because it is by Erica Spindler and you are a fan, well make sure you read the blurb. This book was first published in the 80’s and very much not the style we have become accustomed to with Erica Spindler. 

This book is a romance book, I know a lot of people will shy away from the book on that basis, but give it a chance. I offered to review this book on the basis that I love all things Erica Spindler. I always have. This book though, while the story was good and I love romance books as well as mystery, this book was a bit of a throwback for me. It was easy to tell it was written very early.


I felt I could not connect with the characters and Veronique’s wild ways, made me want to kick her.

Some romances stand the test of time. They are the first ones you ever read and you will go back to them so many times that the book will fall apart with the slightest touch. For me, this is not one of those romances. It is however a quick and easy read.

Rating: 3 Stars